Nritya Darpan provides talented dancers of all ages an opportunity to express themselves in front of a positive and inclusive community.

Nritya darpan, through a variety of dance dramas, gives the opportunity for our audience to see spectacular dance dramas though an amalgamation of dance styles from Indian classical to Western contemporary, where it showcases teamwork, talent and community spirit to make a positive contribution to our ever evolving communities.

Indian Heritage and Cultural Association -NJ is proud to present Nritya Darpan, a showcase of short dance dramas by local talented groups. It is the showcase of high-quality dances, unique concepts and artistic vision, spectacular choreography, and beautiful overall presentation, including high quality music tracks and/or narrations.
Reminder: this is not a dance competition, but rather an artistic exposition.
There will be a total about 5-6 performances selected from the entries received by our executive team.

Dear Artists, Choreographers, and Creative dancers

After five years of our very successful and ‘sold out’ multilingual short play festival Natya Darpan, the Indian Heritage and
Cultural Association -NJ (, is expanding our mission to create Nritya Darpan, a showcase of short dance pieces by exceptionally talented dance groups in the tri-state area. We plan to make Nritya Darpan a platform for artists of quality and technical excellence, unique concepts, superior artistic vision, and great
choreography. We also expect that the presentations are set to high-quality music tracks and/ or narratives. This is not and has
not been conceived as a dance competition; instead, our purpose is to showcase exceptional talents and artistic visions. We envision a total of about 4-5 performances selected from the entries received by our curator.
The tentative date and location for Nritya Darpan is December 10th, 2022, at the Arthur Laurents Theater, New Brunswick
Performing Arts Center (NBPAC), New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. For additional info, please visit


  • Dance Style: Classical, contemporary, or a combination of dance styles.
  • Language (Narration/Song): Any language, instrumental, or live tracks are also accepted, although recorded
    music is preferred for logistic purposes.
  • Subject: We ask that your concept should be unique and thought-provoking. It could be contemporary. It
    could be also traditional with a contemporary interpretation or twist. If you wish to engage with current social
    issues and wish to make your presentation a commentary on them, we welcome that as well.
  • Time: Your total performance should be between 25 min to 30 min max.
  • Participants: A minimum of 3/4 dancers per entry. Maximum: as required. There is no age limit to participants.
  • We ask that you keep props and set or technical requirements such as projection/screen to the bare minimum.
  • There is no entry fee. We will offer remuneration of total $800 per participating group if selected and performed
    for Nritya Darpan 2022

Selection process:

Along with the entry form, you must submit a synopsis (one/two pages max) and a video file (of your
previous group work) as a part of your entry. Please keep the video file to no more than 5 to 7 minutes. The synopsis should
describe, the storyline and theme, style of dance, number of participating dancers, type of musical track, and a total time of
presentation. Please send your concept/idea and any supplementary material including videos by July 31
st, 2022, to the Nritya Darpan Executive team via Google Portal.

Based on the information we receive, we will make our selection by August 31
st, 2022, in order to frame the program in line

with IHCA-NJ’s mission for Nritya Darpan.
If you have any question/comments, please contact Nritya Darpan executive team Ashok Chaudhary or Maya
Kulkarni (Email: and )
We hope this project excites you. We are excited to make Nritya Darpan a unique program, and wish to offer you a
ready audience and a unique platform for your own creative vision and a passion for dance.
With kind regards,
Nritya Darpan Executive Team

Ashok Chaudhary
Karen Greenspan
Maya Kulkarni